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Maja Moritz
Maja Moritz
Introducing Chloe Twinkie
Chloe Twinkie

Welcome - Kia ora - Willkommen!

Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Maja has been living in Christchurch, New Zealand, since 2004.


I love hospitality and it has always been something our family has valued in a special way for generations. A long tradition of migration to different parts of the world for more than 200 years is also part of my family background.


As a professional photographer, photojournalist and nature art photographer I am passionate about all things photography and also offer personalised photo tours and workshops. Please inquire. More about my background as a photographer on


RYT200 yoga alliance emblem

I have been practising yoga & meditation for about 20 years and am a certified and registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. The quality of life, comfort, focus and well-feeling Yoga can make possible is so fascinating. I am very passionate about conscious and focused living, and developing our awareness about ourselves in particular and life in general. The profound happiness, contentedness and peacefulness this can create is simply wonderful.


I teach intuitive yoga. This is all about what best works for you. It is a blessing to be able to offer this excellent and enjoyable way of healthy self-care to interested people.

Special relaxation weekends with yoga & meditation are now on offer. Please inquire.


Since winter 2018 Chloe Twinkie has come to stay and she will happily share her house with you as well. She is a very friendly & cuddly cat – so good for the soul to be in the company of an animal – pure innocent purring love is waiting for you if you enjoy the company of cats 🙂

Time spent with cats is never wasted.  Sigmund Freud


Hope to welcome you here, too!

Safe & happy travels!